Thursday, 30 May 2013

Online Radio iPhone App Source Code for Sell with Special Discount

Listening music is best way to keep away your self from all of work stress, everybody crazy about listen music. There are lots of options for listening music but online radio iPhone app is one of the best option, stations given hear is among best and famous stations also include some popular  international station.

You can enjoy songs at anywhere and anytime from your favorite radio station which suits to your mood. This app get top position because of its fantastic layout and cool features like, it's dashboard allows the listener to create or edit stations as per their requirement and upgrade from old station to new, record currant playing song by record radio option, enjoy so many live radio and podcast, the best option given by this app is lets you share any nice song with your friends via face book, twitter, you tube and listen songs with your friend and, songs are play without streaming.

buy online radio iphone source code

Online radio iPhone app brings you to amazing music world because you can store hundreds of songs and make playlist of your favorite songs based on an artist, song name, or album which you wants listen again and again. Play your song in background through play in background option, in auto mode option set your time for radio on or off.

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