Monday, 5 August 2013

Buy Guess the Country Anthem iOS App Source Code with 25% Discount

Turn any photo into word art with this amazing Word Image Generator App. Did you ever edit your photo with your own text? No? Than download this app now. Word FX is the ultimate word effects photo editor for your device. You can also buy Photo Word Fx App Source Code from MobileAppsGallery and get flat 25% discount.

Guess the Country Anthem iOS Source Code 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Buy Word Searches iPhone Puzzle Game Source Code

 In Word Searches quiz game, you have to find words which given in word puzzle box. There are three categories 6 x 6, 10 x 10 and 12 x 12 included in this puzzle game. This puzzle game helps to sharp your mind and increase your words knowledge. If you want to add more categories like Animal name, Birds, Fruits, Vegetable and cartoons then it’s also possible.

word searches iphone puzzle game source code

Word Searches iPhone Puzzle Game Source


Monday, 10 June 2013

Buy Logo Quiz Android Game Source Code from MobileAppsGallery

Now MobileAppsGallery offer Logo Quiz Android Game Source Code with 25% Off. So make your own logo quiz game for Android and start generating revenue through it.

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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Online Radio iPhone App Source Code for Sell with Special Discount

Listening music is best way to keep away your self from all of work stress, everybody crazy about listen music. There are lots of options for listening music but online radio iPhone app is one of the best option, stations given hear is among best and famous stations also include some popular  international station.

You can enjoy songs at anywhere and anytime from your favorite radio station which suits to your mood. This app get top position because of its fantastic layout and cool features like, it's dashboard allows the listener to create or edit stations as per their requirement and upgrade from old station to new, record currant playing song by record radio option, enjoy so many live radio and podcast, the best option given by this app is lets you share any nice song with your friends via face book, twitter, you tube and listen songs with your friend and, songs are play without streaming.

buy online radio iphone source code

Online radio iPhone app brings you to amazing music world because you can store hundreds of songs and make playlist of your favorite songs based on an artist, song name, or album which you wants listen again and again. Play your song in background through play in background option, in auto mode option set your time for radio on or off.

If you want to buy this online radio iPhone application source code and want to make your own application then MobileAppsGallery is the best place to buy app source code with special discount. You have to make some changes in source code to make it live on App Store like change layout and colors, set different images and change font size, color and style, add any extra features which not included in app if you like, change dashboard options and make this app different form original then send it to iTunes Store.

From MobileAppsGallery you can buy app source code of online radio for iPhone at affordable rate. Now you don't have to hire apps developer because we provide apps and games customization service at very lowest price. You can purchase so many source codes of apps and games from MobileAppsGallery and customize it in your own way then send it on your app store or sell to your valuable customers and start earning smart money. Contact us if you looking for ready to launch iPhone app source code to make your own application in easiest way.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Top 3 Free and Paid iPhone Application of the Week - MobileAppsGallery

1. VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network

VoiceAmerica has made it even easier to listen live. But, more than that, you can discover new talk show personalities, add favorites, listen to shows you missed recently, and more.
VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network
The VoiceAmerica interactive radio player, powered by AirKast, gives you the freedom to listen - and interact - with voiceamerica programming, anytime and anywhere. You can also explore and listen to podcast of your favorite shows and hosts. Did you discover a new show that you like? We've also given you the ability to add to your favorites and listen to the show when it's ideal for you.

2. Mr. Crab

Crabs are usually under the sea, but Mr. Crab has dream of being greater, and he also has trapped baby crabs to save.  Mr. Crab is a super fast arcade game with a twist. Take control of Mr. Crab and jump your way to the top, rescuing as many baby crabs as possible. Just tap on your screen to jump and climb to reach the top of the ever-spinning tower. But be aware, there are some foul enemies that will do anything to stop you.

Timing is everything In Mr. Crab. You´ll need to use all your timing and quick thinking to get three stars on every level. 44 challenging levels to unlock, you will find different levels, like beach party, ice climber and temple of boom. Will you master them all?

Watch in Video in YouTube:

3. Black-Jack

Black jack is an easy game of including cards up to a value of 20 or less. This simplistic game and the iPhone were made for one another. We complete and evaluate our most favorite in this app guide. The best blackjack game for your iPhone or iPad. Play your favorite game - blackjack in real casino environment. Realistic and intuitive graphics further adds to the experience.
BlackJack iPhone Game

Before leaving for Las Vegas, this is the right app for you to learn the basics and get your black jack strategy right. Get the thrill of winning money against the dealer in almost real life scenarios with this app. Define your strategies, practice using this app and get to perfection.

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Download Amazing Mega Jump Android Game Source Code

Today, MobileAppsGallery provides innovative android apps and android source code. MobileAppsGallery give best android application source code with download facility for all users. We also provide amazing android games like mega jump, runner game, dress up and many more. You can also buy mega jump android game source code with 25% discount now. It’s really fact.

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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Review of Free Apps for Android

The Android is an operating system for mobile device such as Smartphone and MobileAppsGallery is loaded with new android applications. In fact, more programs are released day by day. The Apple Store requires approval for all applications for the iPhone, but Android users can download shortly after they are finished by programmers.

This distinction affects both the availability of applications and the user experience for mobile consumers. With such rapid access to new applications, Android allows users to choose between avalanches of new titles coming out almost every day. To help you with choosing Free Android Apps this article discusses methods you can use to sort through the clutter.

Free or paid?

Most of our Free Android Application to use others, you may be asked to pay for a download. There are also apps that require subscriptions. To select an application, it is important to set a budget and how much you’re willing to spend a decision.

Free Android applications often have similar characteristics who paid, not the presumption that the most expensive always the free apps for android.
Thankfully, the MobileAppsGallery interface allows you to scroll between the user ratings and reviews. This will help you figure out what free apps for android are considered the best by other users of mobile phones.

Read Reviews of Third Edition

Tech blogs, magazines and other media to new technological devices. Some even specialize in offering reviews of popular applications for smart phones. When making a shopping decision, it is crucial to obtain impartial advice from professional reviewers consider. They have much more time to play with Android apps, and their advice can save you some trouble.

Some new apps will have few reviews, and it is important to evaluate whether the existing ratings seem real. This may present some challenges when trying to value a very recent version to determine.

Find apps that make life easier

When choosing Android apps, think about programs that may exist that can help with specific tasks that you perform every day. This thought process should lead to a few keywords you can use to find the MobileAppsGallery.

Your phone’s interface should allow you to search all available apps by simply entering an appropriate sentence. If you have a general idea of what you want, it’s easy to find new apps in this way.

New Applications Of Android Market are delivered on an ongoing basic. This search tips, you can easily find some useful programs that are compatible with your Smartphone.

Author Bio: Mobile apps Gallery offer free android apps and android apps source code. you can and also. Please visit us to download collection of iphone and android app source code.

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